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SWEAT-LODGE March 20.-22th.

20.-22. of March Tim Jago will visit us at Farris Bad. Tim is a  Shaman, garderner, kundalini Yogi and is enjoying a primitive lifestyle.

His sweat-lodge sessions are based on old Celtic tradition and are a deep soulful experience!

Duration: approx. 3 hours | 1 session per day at 20:00

Available to the hotel’s resident guests and day guests.

Registration to

(Maximum 10 people per Sweat lodge – first come, first served!)

Payment to Tim by donation.



“Every lodge starts with the fire. Together we light a fire for ourselves and the world we live in. We light a fire for peace, for a way of life flowing from the heart. We light a fire to end the inner and outer struggle in our lives, we light a fire for the spiritual master in each and every one of us.
We`re going to use that fire to guide us on our journey in the lodge, a journey to meet the spiritual master inside, to find the tools which open our hearts and welcome peace into our lives. Then we go into a cave, into darkness, the heat, the same way that our ancestors have done, returning to our beginnings. Together, in the dark, we make a journey, healing ourselves, reconnecting to our purpose. Finally we come back into the world stronger, wiser, better than before. A celtic sweatlodge is a journey through darkness into light, its a tool for transformation on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. The process takes about 2,5 hours and you should bring a towel for outside the lodge and a towel or sarong for inside the lodge.
Tim Jago has been traditionally trained in the art of Celtic sweatlodge, and has been leading the lodge for many years. He has held lodges in Sweden, Norway and Finland since 1996, weaving together the skills of storytelling, dreaming and healing into a life changing experience.”



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