Delicious meals complement the wellness experience with us.


Our food adventure

Farris Bad restaurant

At Farris Bad's restaurant, the days are meant to be enjoyed, preferably accompanied by delicious seafood, with your loved one or good friends. Relaxed, with a panoramic view of the beach, sea, and horizon, you will be delighted with the finest ingredients, prepared with passion and precision.

Start your day with a tasty, health-promoting, and energy-rich breakfast in the restaurant. Our lunch provides a sensory break in the middle of the day, before the evening's A la carte menu rounds off the experience.

A little tip from our wellness expert Lasse: Smell your food before you eat it! Allow your senses to be part of the experience. Smelling and looking at the food activates salivary glands and digestive juices, improving nutrient absorption. Also, put away your phone and engage in good conversation around the table. Put down your utensils between each bite and feel how it helps you focus more on the taste of the food. Bon appétit! 


Seaside Lounge & Foodbar

Lounge area by the fireplace. A relaxed and cozy atmosphere with comfortable furniture and a view of the beach. Simple snacks.

Relax and enjoy!


Room service | breakfast in room

Sometimes it's just lovely to stay in the room...

We are more than happy to bring breakfast and other light meals to your room.


Roof Terrace

Enjoy the city's best view from our rooftop terrace! The wide horizon and the view 'all the way to Denmark' make a visit there a spectacular experience.

The rooftop terrace is located on the 4th floor. Use the elevator near the spa shop.

Farris Bad 

Where you'll want to come back!

Caroline i spa

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