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Sauna, Badstue, Pirts, Pirtis, Hamam, Sweatlodge, Aufguss, Sufiti; there are many names for sauna experiences. At Farris Bad, we mostly refer to it as AUFGUSS and SAUNA EXPERIENCES

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What is aufguss?

In an aufguss, the sauna master pours essential oils over the hot stones in the sauna. The heat and steam are distributed in the room through special movements with a towel. This airflow makes the temperature in the sauna feel particularly intense and pleasant. Each aufguss lasts for about 15 minutes, and each ritual has its unique theme or story, told by the sauna master.

This is an experience not to be missed.

A journey through the senses!


Sauna Experiences

A common term for aufguss, herbal rituals, and peeling rituals is sauna experiences.

Many of the sauna activities include bathing in the sea. The alternation between cold and hot is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy within wellness.

Participate in as many rituals as possible for the very best spa experience.

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Herbal Ritual

In an herbal sauna at the mineral spa, everyone is given a facial mask, and the sauna master guides you through the ritual. Steam is distributed in the room using various towel techniques, for optimal health benefits and well-being.

The ritual concludes with rinsing off the mask residues in one of the showers at the mineral spa.

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Scrub Ritual

In the mineral spa, everyone is given a fine-grained, fragrant scrub. A sauna master guides you through the ritual, so you can apply and treat your body from head to toe with good technique. The sauna master distributes steam in the room using various towel techniques, before the ritual ends with rinsing off the scrub residues in one of the showers at the mineral spa.



In November 2018, we opened Northern Europe's largest event sauna.

Here we have some of the world's leading international Aufguss masters. Unique sauna experiences are held daily in the new sauna, open to all residents and day guests. The rituals are a sensory experience with a mix of scent, light, steam, music, and a bit of a show.


Aufguss NM and WM

The Norwegian Championship in aufguss is held very often at Farris Bad. 

The winner advances to the World Championship in aufguss, where the world's best sauna masters compete against each other. With their themed shows, they compete for the title of "Aufguss Master". All sauna masters are judged by an international jury on various aspects such as theme, scents/dosage, and fan methods. There are two categories: single and team. 

Farris Bad's team is among the most successful in the world of aufguss, something we are naturally very proud of!


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