Take small art breaks with us, to study among others Nico Widerberg and Morten Krogvold

People are too busy with too many things, and it's a constant shame. A life is a river, meant to flow calmly to leave behind fertile silt. There is far too little of nothing on far too many people's schedules.

“Live life slowly”, Piet Hein

Why you should enjoy art

Farris Bad is also a vibrant and dynamic gallery, and central to art in Larvik. Outside the elevator, in the corridors, in the reception, and on the beach, you will find about 50 large and small artworks. 

Take the time to study them, evaluate them, and enjoy them. We call it small art breaks. 

Experiencing art is also an important form of well-being. Through the so-called neuroaesthetics, processes in the brain in response to aesthetic stimuli, such as visual art and music, are studied. These studies show a clear connection between the experience of art and an increased sense of joy and well-being. That is why art is important to us.

For small and medium-sized groups, we offer art tours with light refreshments.


Poetry Park

The Poetry Park is an idea from Louis Jacoby. A concept where poems and literary quotes will characterize the public space in Larvik. Residents and visitors will have a new and different experience. A quiet voice in the cityscape - an added value. The city will use poetry for reflection, inspiration, and to promote positive emotions.

Promoting the good feelings


Farris Bad 

Where you'll want to come back!

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