Everything you need to know about your stay at FARRIS BAD;-)


  • Time slots for breakfast and spa visits MUST BE BOOKED PRIOR TO YOUR STAY. Send us an e-mail to farrisbad@farrisbad.no for help.


  • PSSST: Find useful information in the confirmation and pre-arrival letters you receive upon your stay.


To ensure a safe and relaxed spa visit, all guests need to pre-book time slots in our spa facilities.

Each guest will get 1 time slot on the day of arrival and one time slot on departure day (more slots when staying multiple nights)

Send us an e-mail at farrisbad@farrisbad.no for help to book time slots (the system is in Norwegian only for the moment).

Time slot for breakfast needs to be booked as well.


Please shower and clean yourself thoroughly IN YOUR OWN ROOM before entering the spa.

  • Bathrobe is in your room, grab swimwear and slippers from front desk at check-in. We strongly recommend Farris Bad swimwear (included)
  • Pick up towel and pesthemal by the spa entrance.
  • Keep a distance to other guests and staff and follow signs and guidelines.


We will make your visit relaxed while following official guidelines on space and maximum number of guests

Menues can be read on your cell-phone. (All meals cal be delivered to your room for an extra fee of NOK 95,-)

Our waiters will make sure you will feel comfortable. They have been trained to the highest standards to keep you safe.

Safe rooms

We use environment-friendly cleaning products that will keep you safe from bacterias, viruses, fungi and spores.

All of our housekeepers follow strict guidelines to avoid cross contamination between rooms. Your room will be uniquely yours.

We change all towels and amenities even if they have not been used.

Safe meetings

We will make sure your meeting is relaxed and inspiring!

By following official guidelines on space and maximum number of guests in different spaces we are well prepared. The host of the meeting is responsible for making a list of all participants names, so we know who is visiting us at all times.

All surfacecs, stationary and furniture are thoroughly disinfected as a part of daily preparations for meetings. We will cater for all your needs in a personalised way. We provide all participants with face masks and disinfectants for safety upon request.


– a fantastic experience!


– a fantastic experience!

Do not miss out on our sauna rituals!

Guided by a master you will get a soothing, relaxed experience to add a little extra to your stay.

Ask for schedule at front desk


All meals cal be delivered to your room for an extra service fee of NOK 95,- 

ROOMSERVICE-MENU from 12:00-22:00

From 22:00-24:00 you can order a tapas plate (NOK  295,-) .

Call front desk for assistance

Hand wash

The most important thing to remember these days is to maintain regular routines for hand wash.

Antibac gel is also available throughout the hotel for guests and staff to use frequently.

Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter to other guests and staff at all times:-)

Farris Bad Covid-19 measures

Safety for all guests and staff is our main priority at all times. We are well prepared to take care of our guests and ensure a relaxed and safe stay!

We look forward to seeing you!