Spa treatments

We offer more than 50 different treatments that vary in content, duration and effect.


“To me, Farris Bad is totally unique. When I visit, I feel calm and at ease. Always wanting to come back…”

Halvor Bakke
TV-host and spa enthusiast

Sauna rituals

Sauna rituals

Farris Bad promotes the health benefits of sweat, by bringing in masters of sweat rituals.


Our spa-shop staff guides you in choosing products for skin and body care. The shop is open from 8am to 8 pm every day and carry brands like Babor, Elemis, Voya and Elixir

The most beautiful spa in the Nordics

Farris Bad has one of the largest, most beautiful and most comprehensive spa areas in the Nordic region of over 2 500 sqm. The spa is established on a true mineral-containing source. In our mineral cave you can enjoy true and clean water from a depth of 55 meters. Nutritious and healthy! The water spends 20 years on its journey from the beech forest “Bøkeskogen” and into Farris Bad. PURE AND READY TO GIVE YOU THAT REFRESHED FEEL!

Book your stay

Always included in your stay at FARRIS BAD:

  • breakfast
  • spa entrance
  • activities in spa
  • yoga classes
  • swim wear

(There is a 16 year age limit in our spa)

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Book day visit

Always included in your day visit at FARRIS BAD:

  • fruits and tea
  • activities in spa
  • yoga classes
  • you get to borrow bath robe, slippers and towels

(There is a 16 year age limit in our spa)