Worth knowing in spa

  • There is a 16year age limit in our spa.
  • To maintain hygiene and wellness in the spa, we want you to use Farris Bad swimwear.
  • Please shower and clean yourself thoroughly before entering the spa.
  • Use of lingerie, long bathing shorts, bathing suit with skirt etc. is not allowed.
  • Always use swimwear in and around the pool area, jacuzzi and hot tub on the spa island.
  • In all sauna and steam rooms, we do not recommend the use of swimwear. Use peshtemal to cover up
  • Cover up when strolling the spa
  • Spa towel is available by the wardrobe entrances
  • Always sit or lie on a towel in the sauna
  • Rinse with water hose where you have been sitting in a steam bath
  • Familiarize yourself with our sauna rituals, yoga lessons and activities (information at the front desk)
  • Fruit, tea and water is available for free  in the spa lounge. We also offer simple serving.
  • Food and drinks, bags, scruf, cellphones, tablets and cameras are NOT allowed in the spa area
  • Verbal and non-verbal annoying and inappropriate behavior is not allowed.
  • Keep your voice down in areas marked as quiet zones
Generally, show considerations  for others. Our staff ensures the best spa experience for all our guests!