We have a tradition and a culture to do more than what is expected of us – for our guests, employees, society and the environment. We call this  – WeCare.


Farris Bad is made up of a complex, enthusiastic and diverse group of colleagues. We have a close, dynamic and mutually rewarding collaboration with, among others, Fønix, AOK, iFocus and iVekst. We have strong faith in the joy of life and the positive meaning of life through work. At Farris Bad, we have through several years good experience with the above colaborations and share their beliefs about how participation in a worklife  will strengthen the resources that exist in each individual person. Everyone deserves a chance (and some need more than one) in the worklife.



You can read more about our different engagements here:



Our colaboration with UNICEF,we have called Sweet Dreams. Together with our guests, we will help ensure that children exposed to trafficking get a safe night’s sleep. Only by staying with us will you contribute to safe nights for children. Our message is as simple as it is important; Your SWEET DREAMS make children dream sweet. Together with UNICEF, we will contribute to increased focus on human trafficking and with various UNICEF activities we contribute together to important financial support so that even more children can get help.



Farris Bad has a very conscious attitude to food waste. The hotel has locally chosen to connect to the Too-good-to-go-APP, which offers surplus food in the local area. A win-win solution where the hotel further reduces food waste, and those who use the app get access to fantastic restaurant breakfast and lunch for respectively kr. 35, – and kr. 45, -. Too-Good-Too-Go is non-profit for the hotel, and the settlement as a whole goes back to Too-good-to-go.



In December every year there are 180 lonely trees out in our hotels – until leisure guests and conference guests, schools, kindergardens, staff and neighbors enter the lobby with a gift under the arm that is laid under the Christmas tree. Lonely Christmas tree seeks gifts, started centrally in 2012, and together we have collected over 130,000 Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children and young people in the hotels’ local environment, which is distributed in cooperation with the Red Cross – in addition- for each gift we give NOK. 10 to UNICEF and their efforts to provide protection to trafficked children.






Since 2009, all Nordic Choice hotels in Scandinavia have been certified according to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. In addition, the penguins are very vulnerable to climate change and human environmental degradation. The aspects Nordic Choice has chosen to focus on in the environmental work are energy, water, waste, chemicals and transport.


In addition to the ISO 14001 certification, we follow the ThinkGreen principle with Nordic Ecolabelled products and the restaurant at Farris Bad is MSC certified which entails Global environmental label for seafood with a focus on sustainable fishing.

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