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The art

In addition to being a spa hotel, Farris Bad is also a vibrant and dynamic art gallery. Outside the elevator, in the corridors, in the reception area and out on the beach you will find about 50 large and small pieces of art. Take the time to study them, evaluate them and enjoy them. We call it art breaks.



The local poet Louis Jacoby founded the poetry park in Larvik. A concept where poems and literary quotes are published in public spaces, offering a surprising and new art experience. They are like a quiet voice in the cityscape – an added value. The poetry is intended to give the audience a moment of reflection and inspiration.

“People are too busy with too many things, and it is an eternal shame.
A life is a river that has to run quietly to devote fertile sludge.
There is far too little of nothing for far too many.”


“Live life slowly”, Piet Hein


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Always included in your stay at FARRIS BAD:

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  • spa entrance
  • activities in spa
  • yoga classes
  • swim wear

(There is a 16 year age limit in our spa)

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Always included in your day visit at FARRIS BAD:

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  • activities in spa
  • yoga classes
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(There is a 16 year age limit in our spa)