What is the Aufguss WM?

In the Aufguss World Cup, the best sauna master in the world compete against each other with their themed shows and fight for the title “Aufguss champion”. All sauna masters are judged by an international jury on various aspects such as theme, scents/dosage and waving techniques. There are two categories: single and team. In the single category, a sauna master presents his themed show¬† alone. As the name implies, two sauna champions perform the team shows.


In an aufguss, a sauna master pours water and ice with essential oils on the hot rocks. The heat is distributed in the sauna by special movements with a towel. This air flow breaks through the insulating air layer, which makes the temperature in the sauna perceived as particularly intense and nice. Every show takes about 15 minutes and every ritual has it`s unique particular topic/story. Each sauna master develops his own theme, which he/she presents to the international jury and the guests. 

A journey through the sences!