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Sauna rituals

Sauna, Steam bath, Pirts, Pirtis, Hammam, Sweatlodge, Aufguss, Sufiti; Different names for sauna experiences.

“Sweat rituals are the oldest health rituals we know”

says Head of Development at Farris Bad Spa, Lasse Eriksen

The Norwegian sauna culture and heritage go deep, especially in the north. We continue the tradition and get inspired by bringing in sauna champions from other countries. A continuous search for new forms of healthy sweating.



In November 2018, we opened the largest event sauna in Northern Europe.

Daily, some of the world’s foremost international Aufgussmasters run spectacular rituals in the new sauna. Scents, lights, steam, music and a touch of entertainment makes this a unique experience. All rituals are open to hotel guests and spa guests.



Aufgusses are sauna rituals performed with an Aufgussmaster and a touch of entertainment. Ice (soaked in selected essential oils) melts and steam is distributed in the sauna with various towel techniques. Sweating cleans the body, and shifts between cold and heat is one of the oldest and easiest forms of wellness therapy.

Herbal rituals

In a herbal sauna in the mineral spa a sauna master guides through the ritual. Steam is distributed in the room, for optimal health effect and well-being.

Scrub rituals

Scrub rituals

A sauna master guides you through good techniques for applying a scented scrub and treat your body from head to toe. He or she uses various towel techniques to distribute steam in the sauna. The ritual ends by rinsing off the scrub in one of the showers in the mineral spa.

All saunas rituals are open to hotel guests and spa guests.

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